Friday, May 9, 2014

Women's Prefontaine Shorts testing/review

I had the privilege of testing for Jill at Made with Moxie. I love these shorts!!  I need to buy the matching kids pattern for Miss K :-)

Pattern Name: Womens's Prefontaine Shorts
Designer:  Made with Moxie by Jill Dorsey

Pattern Description:  Prefontaine Shorts for Women are inspired by the running shorts of the 1970s. They feature a retro contrast trim and a comfortable elastic waistband. Front pockets lay flat and smooth against the body.  Back pockets can be a patch or welt style and are designed for you to easily tuck your smart phone away. Two inseam lengths (5” and 1.25”) allow you to stitch up modest 5” inseam shorts or shortie shorts.  

Purchase pattern here:

Pattern cost:  $10.00

Pattern Sizing: Women's 0-24

Size Made: Women's 4

Model's Measurements: height-5' 8", chest-, waist-33", hips-39" 

Does the finished product look like its supposed to? Yes!

Dealing with the pattern:  15 pages to print and put together.  Seems like a lot for shorts, but it's worth it to have such a large size range. 

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes!!  There are some untraditional construction methods but instructions make it a breeze. 

Level of difficulty:  for a women's pattern, very easy!  The hardest part is the bias trim and that is not actually difficult. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  How can you not be head over heels for vanity sizing??  It's wonderful to sew a size significantly smaller than I am used to seeing in patterns. I'm not a huge fan of the front pockets and will make my next pair without (I hink its it's my fabric choice that makes me not like them. Since this I've seen several pair without contrasting trim and it looks SO much better). LOVE the back welt pocket, LOVE the binding trim. Fit is nice but the front rise is too high for me. I'll need to cut it down and grade it about an inch.  I'll also try the exposed sport waistband for that. 

Fabric Used:  flannel and store bought bias tape. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  For this version, none. 

Would you sew it again?  Yes. Will sew it up in ponte Roma, no front pockets with a shorter inseam for workout shorts. 

 Would you recommend it to others?  Yes!!  It's a great easy sew for yourself and the size range is really good.  I love all the other versions I've seen too!!  Such cute quilting cottons are being used. 

Just because, here is my first pair. I made a size 8 (actually 2 sizes bigger than recommended). Why??  Because I am NOT a size 4!  Haha. I regularly wear size 9-11 in ready to wear and I couldn't believe the sizing recommendations.  This is just another lesson in "trust the designer and follow the size chart".  Obviously, these are ginormous and the ones above fit great :-). I find it funny how much larger I look in the panda pair vs. the turquoise ones. Who knew that sewing the wrong size can make you look like different size?!?!?!

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