Thursday, June 19, 2014

Must. Bundle. Up!!

There have been several pattern bundles this year and they've been pretty good, but never good enough for me to splurge.  This time, the bundle from Pattern Revolution (Bundle UP!) is too good to pass up.  I'm literally counting the hours until it goes on sale so I can get it.

These are the patterns I'm dying to have (though they are all wonderful).
Shrug 4 logo.jpg

And I can't decide between this
or this

And I might still need this one too

I mean, really!?!  $27 for 6 patterns is AH-mazing.  I'd like to get them all, but in reality theres a few that I would never sew since I'm not really a dress girl and I can't afford $50 is patterns - there wouldn't be any money left over to buy all the fabric I need to make a bazillion of these items!!!

Which patterns are you fawning overt???

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