Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventure Tee - Make (Believe) from Pattern Anthology

Every kid I know wears t-shirts on a daily basis, mine too.  Therefore, every kid needs the adventure tee.  There are several sleeve options and almost as many neckline options. I skipped the placket option this time but man, there are quite a few of those on my to-sew list!  Andrea is a pro at drafting knit patterns!

I ended up making 3 adventure tees within a few days and this pattern isn't getting put away anytime soon :-). The first one I made was for a quick fit check as Miss K was towards the top of the sizing chart (but still  fits into size 12 month). The finish on this shirt is super rough but I love it and she's worn it a whole bunch already - serged edges only (and accidentally/turned on purpose exposed shoulder seams). The second and third shirt are meant to go together but the hi neck/long sleeve black shirt underneath won't work in real life until fall.  It's too hot for long sleeves yet.  The top shirt (grey/black print) gets worn at least once a week. 

Links to the other pieces in the Make (Believe) collection here:

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