Sunday, July 13, 2014

Explorer Hoodie - Make (Believe) from Pattern Anthology

This hoodie so versatile!!  Fabric choices can make this nice light outerwear for summer or the coziest hoodie in the freezing winter.  It features either a straight or angled zipper at the neck, with or without the button tab.

Wow was this an easy sew!  The line drawing/illustrations in the instructions make things extra clear. Kate did a lovely job with this!  I can't wait to make another out of ponte de roma :-). There's not a whole ton to say about this because it was SO easy!  I can't stand the cuteness that comes with the angled zipper - such a fun addition!  The most difficult part was sewing the hoodie, hood, and necklacing together but it was only difficult because I was using some crazy fabric!!  I used doubled (bonded) fleece and my machine was not a fan of sewing through a ton of layers of that. If I had used a slightly thinner (less than an 1/8" thick) fabric there would have been no complaints :-)  We have cold winters in colorado though, I and wanted something that would be really warm. 

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